Aoyama Girl 

Aoyama, Tokyo


青山, 東京 (2012) 

Japan is often viewed as having a homogenous society. But these two photos together challenge this notion. Aoyama girl and Tono Boy. Someone born and raised in Aoyama, Tokyo will have a different cultural experience to a person born and raised in Tono, Iwate prefecture. Likewise, a girl or boy growing up anywhere will have a different cultural experience based on their gender. If this girl or boy is part of the LGBTQ they will have yet another experience. Fashion is a key indicator of identity and social status. To the casual eye, the figures in these images are wearing similar clothes. But the boy is wearing a traditional festival costume, and the girl is wearing vintage Kansai Yamamoto, highlighting the difference between the two. 


Tono Boy 

Tono, Iwate Prefecture 

遠野男 (2018)